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Internal Auditor – Middle East welcomes contributions from a wide range of professionals that include auditors, risk managers, consultants, internal control specialists, academics, finance professionals, fraud investigators and many others. Internal Auditor – Middle East considers articles based on the originality and practicality of the topic regardless of the author’s seniority or geographic location. Simply put, we welcome all contributions that promote governance, risk management and control.

We encourage all parties with interesting ideas or experiences to write for our magazine without worrying about their writing skills. The Editorial Advisory Committee will help you organize your article and work with you to ensure its success.

Types of Contributions

There are many ways to support to Internal Auditor – Middle East. These ways are mainly as follows:

  1. Submitting articles & research papers for publication.
  2. Nominating a Chief Audit Executive, a member of senior management or an Audit Committee member to be interviewed for the magazine.
  3. Volunteering to have the magazine write an article about your internal audit department.

The Editorial Process

The process starts by contacting the magazine’s editor ( to propose a topic for an article. Acceptable topics usually revolve around functional areas such as internal audit, IT audit, risk management, governance, internal controls, audit technology, fraud, ethics etc. In addition, industry specific issues (banking, hospitality, construction, etc) are welcome.

Once the topic is agreed, the editor will propose a size for the article depending on the layout of the issues, the extent of research carried out and the perceived interest to readers. Article sizes range from 2 – 4 pages (1,100 to 2,000 words) for Feature Articles and from 1 – 2 pages (500 – 1,000 words) for Departments. Current departments include:

  • IT Audit
  • Human Resources: Career development and soft skills.
  • Fostering Fundamentals: Core audit concepts regardless of years of experience
  • Industry Perspectives
  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Fraud Stories
  • Case Studies: Example best practices applied at a company or internal audit department.

With the topic and size agreed, the author can proceed to draft the article in English or Arabic. The submitted draft will then be reviewed by a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee before being sent for translation. The final version of the article in the magazine layout format will be sent to the author for his or her final review and approval.

Articles will be put forward for publication in the next available spot.

Writing Tips

Internal Auditor – Middle East is designed to provide its readers with practical principles, new information and best practices. The focus of any topic should aim to appeal to readers across the Middle East region. Authors should use plain language and try to avoid phrases specific to a particular country.

Articles should begin with a proper introduction to the topic. The body of the article will then address the points discussed in the introduction; the body should be broken down into sections where required in order to better present the ideas. Also, the author should use tables, graphs or charts to emphasis and support key points. Finally, the article should have a strong conclusion which addresses the topic of the article.

Any information copied from another source should be cited. The reference to the source can be either included in the text or placed as an endnote. Endnotes should include the following where applicable: Name of author, title of article/book, title of periodical, issue date/publishing date, volume and number, page(s) of article.

Rejected Contributions

Internal Auditor – Middle East will not accept contributions that are:

  • Not related to the scope of the magazine.
  • Too short or too general.
  • Inadequately supported or researched.
  • Designed to promote a particular product or service.

Internal Auditor – Middle East reserves the right to reject any contribution which is not deemed appropriate for the magazine.

Author Remuneration

Internal Auditor – Middle East does not pay authors for their contributions. Authors who are published will receive 3 complimentary copies of the issue in which their article appears.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit

Writing original, high quality articles requires both physical and mental effort from the authors. In recognition of this effort, the UAE Internal Audit Association (UAE-IAA) will award authors of Internal Auditor – Middle East with 1 CPE credit for every page of original content (not previously published in a magazine or website) published in the magazine. For example if an author provides an original 1 page article he or she would receive a certificate for 1 CPE credit from the UAE-IAA, if an author provides an original 2 page article he or she would receive a certificate for 2 CPE credits from the UAE-IAA, and so on.

Authors, whose original articles have been published in an issue of Internal Auditor – Middle East, can contact Yasmeen El Aziz at to obtain their CPE certificates.

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