Adnan Zaidi

  In an exclusive interview, Internal Auditor – Middle East spoke to Adnan Zaidi who is a Partner and Board Member at PwC Middle East.  Adnan is also PwC Middle East’s Assurance Clients & Markets Leader and is a Trusted Advisor to many of the region’s largest Corporations.  He began his career almost 25 years…

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Searching for Added Value

Have you ever found it difficult to answer these questions: What is the added value provided by the internal audit? Can you convince the senior management of that the internal audit adds a value to the organization you are working for? Is the added value understandable, clear and identified as per the internal audit standards?…

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Innovate or Deteriorate

Innovation is a key to a company’s success. It is one of the essential means that organizations can use to thrive and differentiate their business or products from the competition. To a greater extent in the business world, and to some extent at the individual level, there is a constant push to think of ways…

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Is Internal audit is my Profession?

In 1999, a Colleague of mine and I met with met with a strategic expert in a friendly meeting. It was our first year on the job as internal auditors after our graduation from the higher technology faculties (fresh graduates). During our conversation, he surprised us that he has a short test for me and…

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The Risk of Fraud and the Role of Internal Audit

Fraud is one of the challenges that face different organizations and sectors. It hinders performance, wastes money and scarce resources, and inflicts damages on the organization, its reputation and its competitiveness. This damage is not restricted to financial losses; it may take other forms as well. It could be a loss in the organization’s performance,…

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Auditing Logical Access- The Overlooked Areas

Auditing Logical Access- The Overlooked Areas Auditing logical access area may seem intuitive for IT auditors but its importance can never be over emphasized, with latest security threats and Cyber Security attacks it is common that a successful cyber-attack may lead to a hacker gaining unauthorized access to critical system and data and allows them…

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Audit invernoment

The Audit Environment

Audit environment….. What is it? Never heard of it? Why do we need it? Who is responsible for it? What is the ‘audit environment’? Internal Audit reports to the Audit Committee and has independent status to make objective, unbiased evaluation and judgement about systems, controls and risks relating to business operations. The Internal Audit Charter gives…

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New Internal Audit Standards

The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) have been revised effective from January 01, 2017. This is a summary of the main changes. The International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) last revised in 2015 was introduced with a new Mission of Internal Audit and the Mandatory Guidance Section was also introduced with…

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