Practical case study

Practical Experience: Key Challenges Facing Internal Audit

It is my pleasurer to share my practical experience as a Group Head of Internal Audit for Hayel Saeed Anam Group (HSA) Group since Mar 2011, the experience in taking accurate actions to solve the key challenges facing Internal Audit function from scratch to innovation. Fragmented Internal Audit Function Lack of Internal Audit Policies and…

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When Trust Turns Into an Opportunity

Motivation, Rationalization and Opportunity are the three factors that must be met and available to enable a fraudster committing fraud. The motivation may be a material; to make money, or moral; to achieve fame. Rationalization, however, is the justification of the act to be committed and the reasons for persuading one’s mind that this work…

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Financial Fraud through Money Transfers

In the last few years, there have been multiple reports of frauds committed by various entities towards companies and major establishments. These frauds aimed at stealing money by requesting them to transfer some due amounts to certain accounts. The latest news were published in March 2018 reporting that the football club S.S. Lazio had been…

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Mohammed Abu Hijleh & Ghaleb Al Masri

Mazars UAE leaders share their insights on the value that robust internal audit practices can bring to the public sector In an exclusive interview, Internal Auditor Middle East spoke to Mohammed Abu Hijleh, CPA and Ghaleb Al Masri, CPA, CIA, CFE, who are partners with Mazars in the UAE and are supporters of good governance…

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How to establish the Internal Audit Department in 8 simple steps?

  I am fortunate to have experience of establishing the Internal Audit Department in several parts of the world. I have been asked by a couple of new audit leaders to assist them in the formation of the Internal Audit Department. Based on my personal experience, I would like to illustrate my approach and share…

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Leadership skills F1

Leadership in Internal Audit Definition

Leadership is defined by Oxford Dictionary as an action of leading a group of people in an organization. The definition provides an insight of what a leader should be doing. And leading a group of people does not in a simple sentence imply “LEADING”. In a more exhaustive manner it implies understanding the internal and…

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Auditing Varitation F2

Auditing Variations

Maturity of an organization is vital to determine the modus operandi of an audit. An organization with robust procedures and established systems, creates new opportunities for auditor to perform his/her duties with utmost efficiency but carries different level of challenges. For a less mature organization, having outdated procedures, manual processing and undefined strategy may create…

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