Are You Managing Your Emerging Risks ?

The world is becoming an increasingly riskier place for organizations of all types and sizes – whether in the private or public sectors. Environments, 100-year old business models, social and political dynamics are being disrupted everywhere. A quick look at some of the more recent corporate disasters bears testimony to this. Catastrophe (& Estimated Cost)…

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You think you have discovered a fraud. What do you do?

Despite recent surveys pointing to increase in instances of fraud, the discovery of a suspected fraud within any organisation is not an everyday occurrence for most people and initial reactions may include shock and surprise. Action taken in the first few hours and days after discovery significantly impacts the course and outcome of full investigation….

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Self Service Audit Analytics – transform your approach

Despite the fact that data analytics and Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAAT) have been a part of auditing for nearly thirty years, many organizations are still  struggling with the implementation of effective data analytics to enhance internal audit quality and effectiveness. Increasing complexities of risks and incessant emergence of disruptive technologies are demanding substantial change in…

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Adding Value in a Challenging Economic Environment

“In the current volatile and unstable economic conditions, internal audit functions are required, like never before, to assume different responsibilities and wear multiple hats to achieve the goals of the reorganization programs”.  The current business environment is very volatile and unstable worldwide and this is especially clear in Middle East. The characteristic of this stage…

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Internal Audit Planning -The Value-Adding Phase

  One would think that the most important step of the internal audit process is conducting the audit. Experience and research shows otherwise, since there is a long and rigorous process to arrive at the audit execution phase. This takes me to our point of discussion in this article, which is that the most important…

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IT Risk Assessment

    The devil lies in the details, IT risk assessment and IT risk management, what detail differentiate them? With the growth in the need of Information security and risk management, the terms IT risk assessment and IT risk management could be confusing to most of executives dealing with risk-based audits and compliance of the…

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The Journey to Excellence in Internal Audit

There are organizations and then there are “world-class” organizations. Similarly, there are Internal Audit (IA) departments and then there are “world-class” IA departments. And it is not necessary that world-class organizations will have all their departments in that category. Surely, the chances are significantly high. There are several parameters which can be judged to ascertain…

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Profiling cyber-criminals

Since the middle ages era, the definition of crime has been limited to types of crimes committed in the physical world. In the same way, theories aimed at explaining crime including the Conflict Theory, the Theory of Social Control, and others, have defined crime within the confines of the physical world. Strategies aimed at dealing…

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